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Infrastructure Management Services

Once construction has been completed, proper operations & maintenance of infrastructure is essential. The establishment of proper operational procedures beginning immediately after construction provides for long term use with reduced capital expenditures. In cases where maintenance procedures are not established upon completion of infrastructure construction, it may become necessary to first ascertain the condition of the infrastructure and remedy any issues prior to beginning a maintenance regimen. Morris-Riley has the expertise and experience in both infrastructure construction operation and maintenance procedures that we can combine to design and implement a management and maintenance plan specific to your community needs, no matter the current status of your infrastructure. To that end, we offer the following Infrastructure Management Services:

  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • Our operation services are comprehensive and are implemented based on the specific infrastructure present within your community. We have the expertise necessary to provide management for:
  • Stormwater Management Systems
  •  Irrigation Pump Stations, Wells, Water Treatment and Irrigation Water Quality Control, Snails & Algae
  • Utility Systems (Water, Sewer & Reclaimed)
  • Roadways & ROW Maintenance
  • Wetlands and Environmental Habitat (we utilize a professional Biologist for these services when needed)
  • Landscaping (we utilize professional Horticulturalists and Agronomists for these services when needed)
  • Fountains, Mechanical & Electrical Components
  • Community Hardscape Features & Site Lighting
  • Life Safety Components
  • Remedial Action Oversight and Management
  • When our inspection services uncover issues that have arisen due to improper maintenance over time, we can develop a comprehensive remedial action plan to repair the infrastructure. Furthermore, we can provide services related to bidding repairs out to qualified contractors, and managing and overseeing the repairs to ensure that the system functionality is being restored.
  • Operations & Maintenance Management
  • Once an infrastructure system is in a state where it is functioning properly, as designed, we can prepare a management plan that takes into account site specific conditions that, if implemented properly, may reduce the future replacement cost and frequency. Proper maintenance reduces future costs significantly.
  • Reserve Budget Analysis
  • Morris-Riley can assist in budget preparation for future capital replacement, rehabilitation and enhancement programs.