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Development Entitlement Services

Fewer things in the Development Industry are as complex and time consuming as the process of entitling a piece of developable property. Many times, in a rush to obtain regulatory approvals, permits are pushed through for the sake of moving the project forward. We believe that this leads to issues in the future that prove very costly from both a time and financial standpoint. A well thought out approach to processing entitlements is essential in limiting your exposure to future compliance issues, especially when certifying completed infrastructure and maintaining permits through the operation phase. To that end, Morris-Riley can provide valuable expertise and guidance in this phase of the development as follows:

  • Full Entitlement Review
  • Entitlement Processing Plan and Scheduling
  • Review of Construction Plans
  • Value Engineering
  • Constructability Review
  • Ease of Future Maintenance of Infrastructure
  • Regulatory Agency Negotiation
  • We can assist your team of consultants in discussions with regulatory agencies and municipalities to resolve issues and maneuver through the intricate processes.
  • Permit Processing and Coordination
  • We can assist your team of consultants in ensuring that proper documentation is being provided and that permits are being processed appropriately to avoid future compliance issues.
  • Plat Reviews
  • Review to ensure appropriate easements are being provided to ensure the future ability to maintain infrastructure and property.
  • Review to ensure that proper entities are being granted appropriate easements (i.e. CDD and HOA easements and conveyances).
  • Subdivision Bonding
  • We can assist in both the implementation of Private Improvement and Defect Security Bonds with local municipalities. These bonds should be established properly to ensure that they are able to be released at appropriate times without undue hardships and extensive effort.